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This section of the website holds some 4D programming utilities I've written. These are mostly things I needed for my own projects, then documented and made public. They contain only native 4D code, and should therefore run in any version of 4D after 6.7

The components are freeware, use them as you see fit. Because they are free, the only guarantee is that I will try to fix any bugs you may find. I use the components myself in various applications, so I have an interest in keeping them current and bugfree.

Writing, debugging and documenting these has taken considerable time and effort. If you find that they save you time & effort, then you might wish to put this feeling into tangible form by stopping off at my Amazon wish list ;-) Or just send me a note to tell me what you think, any feedback is welcome.


an inline calculator: it reads a mathematical expression directly from a field or variable on-screen, evaluates it, and pastes the result back into the field.
utility methods for calculating dates, e.g. the second Thursday of next month; also converts 4D-date to ISO formatted text "yyyymmdd" and back.
converts 4D-time to ISO formatted text "hhmmss" and back.
Binary Search
an implementation of the traditional binary search algorithm. This is very new and may still contain the odd bug.
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