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What's new

30. July 2003

Created a new subsection of Personal called Words which will hold occasional rants and essays. The first one is … well, see for yourselves.


25. July 2003

Brought my reading list up to date, and added some links. My database project ArtFiler is consuming most of my time at present, it's getting really very damned good indeed — and will soon be translated into English.


7. July 2003

Lots of changes! Repeat visitors will already have noticed the new image, hope you like it. I started out by increasing the body-text size (bowing to popular demand again) and thought I might as well make the thing pretty while I was at it. I've changed the navigation within the site, which I hope will be clearer & easier to use. I'm still determined not to resort to a list of buttons down the left-hand margin (those here relate to the next paragraph, they prove that any display problems you may have are not my fault). Consider it a work in progress, and feel free to tell me what you think.

Users of Microsoft's Internet Explorer will have a less pretty experience, since IE does not render CSS correctly. (Having said that, I have found workarounds for all but the most egregious errors. Particularly annoying is the occasional absence of the vertical scrollbar on a long page, the scrollbar will appear if you resize the page slightly.) There's nothing I can do about Microsoft's inability to conform to pre-existing internationally-accepted standards, and since they recently announced that IE is dead there's not much you can do about it either — except to switch to Opera or Mozilla or Netscape or Safari (Mac OS10 only), all of which are free and better than IE. All but Safari run on Mac and Windows and Linux.

Added my site to the GeoURL database. This is a somewhat paradoxical attempt to counter the abstract no-place of webspace by linking sites that are close together out here in reality. It's a vaguely interesting concept that may someday prove valuable — as people said of the Internet a few years ago.


14. June 2003

Posted a few new 4D components.


10. June 2003

Well, I know I said there'd be no pictures, but I bow to popular demand. Here's the first one, from my birthday picnic in Alsace.


30. April 2003

Added a few links.


17. April 2003

Added a WeatherPixie to my Stuttgart page.


14. April 2003

Added a few links, and an article to the Public Service page. The changes are now marked with a < new tag.


19. March 2003

Finally figured out how to get predictable and consistent text sizes on (hopefully) all browsers and operating systems!


27. January 2003

Added a few links, and two articles to the Public Service page.


29. November 2002

Not much this month, I've been busy working for a living (remember that?). Added a few items to the Links page, and one to the Bedside Reading page. Most pages have now been reformatted for easier reading on smaller monitors.


5. November 2002

Added two pages of "found poetry": the results of getting the Babelfish to translate my Personal page into French or German and back to English again.


20. October 2002

Following suggestions from the first test surfers, I have changed the top-of-the-window menus so that you no longer need to return to the "Home" page in order to access other areas of the site. I'm not yet really happy with how this works, but am determined not to resort to a list of buttons down the left-hand margin.

I have also begun translating the site, the first German page is an FAQ explaining why there are no other German pages [yet].
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