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Over me

As the large SAM Cooke sang once, I carried by the river. Not Mississippi, but the Suedsaskatchewan; and not in a small tent however in the university university hospital in Saskatoon, the Paris of the Prairies. My parents had met it by the university, which both one winter in the same flat-ends to house lived. We lived in Saskatoon some four years, then shifted to England. After two years in London, we returned to Canada and accounted for in Toronto. My parents live still there, in the house, which they bought " " to second indicator 1965.

When I was nineteen, I moved on England on study at the architectural connection and a fine time, which were also it. My Mitkursteilnehmer informed me as much as the Tutore and the lectors. I lived in London for the seventeen-years and first worked as an architect, who switches then to the programming computer, during my interests changed.

Before eight years, I moved to Stuttgart, Germany, in which I live now. I had exchanged before irregularly between London and Stuttgart for some years, learning those, the language and — with indulgence — an acquiring of a circle of the friends and the clients.

I work mostly at home as data base programmer, but office the attendance client for advised work — and for the social life. At home are comfortable and in high degrees work productive, but can association seeds. There is also nobody, otherwise, to to blames, when the coffee runs out.

I am a sharp reader and a collecting tank of the books. Not Antiken or first editions, straight things, which I read and to again read would like. I value announce as articles as much as for its contents.


Isn't that sweet? I love it! The best jokes remained alas in the halfway stage of Babelfishgerman: I was carried through the river; the coffee leaks out; during my years of commuting I exchanged those who learned German and bought friends, but the fish doesn't say what I exchanged them for. Airline tickets, perhaps.

Clearly there are two very different translator routines at work here: English-to-German knows that "antiques" are "Antiken", and that "fellow students" are "Mitkursteilnehmer" [not really, but close enough]; but German-to-English has never heard of either. Without knowing any of the details, I'd bet that this is an instance of Fred Brooks' Mythical Man-Month in action: if four programmers can write a translator in a year, then twenty can do the job in three months? Well, no.

There's also a Babelfish translation of my "Personal" page into French and back.
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