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Born by the river

The reference is to the song A change is gonna come by Sam Cooke. My neighbours know it well: if this CD gets onto my player, it tends to be put on "repeat" all night.

I was born by the river
in a little tent
and just like the river
I've been running ever since.

Chorus: Oh, it's been a long,
long time coming
but I know a change gonna come
Oh yes it will.

It's been too hard living
but I'm afraid to die
'cause I don't know
what's up there beyond the sky.

Oh when I go to my brother
and I say brother
help me please
but he winds up
knocking me right down
on my, my knees.

There's been times
that I thought
I couldn't last for long
Now I think I am able
To carry on.

© 1965, Kags Music (BMI)
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